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 FREE REGION! 12k prims included Want more prims? Check out our Land purchase Must be a member to get a free region send us a email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your region name and avatar name after you join in the subject please put FREE REGION.

We hope you will enjoy our virtual world and what it has to offer. So what do you say, join us on an adventure into a world of possibilities, fun, excitement and so much more! 

We also wanted to keep our website simple and not over crowded, as we know who wants to spend a lot of time on a website, when there is so much to do in world!

Got any questions before joining? Sure contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions. Oh its gonna be fun, With-out members like you all, we wouldn't have the fun we're having. Well sign up, join us on the inside and see what we have to offer for fun, music, shopping and more!

 Its gonna be an awesome journey!

Remember Members, you only see the extra features when you're logged into the website.   Oh its getting good isn't it? Those who recently tested are grandfathered in half price for 1 region including Var. The price starts 14 days after the new OpenSimLounge Grand Opening.

A Creators note: If you're a creator and joined us or plan on joining us, please be advised our inworld currency OS$ is a no cash out (no value). However! We do have gloebits enabled and you can also set your things to paypal as well. (your choice) or both. Objects are a no export as we decided to turn that off to help protect creators items. 

Our Tech is working very hard behind the scene daily keeping the grid running smooth.

The grid is open now for everyone to join FREE to play as always.

Limited Tyme! Get 500os$ for joining


I have decided to do a FRIENDS referral How it works is invite friends to join us and for every friend that joins, you get $10 gloebits and the friend gets $10 gloebits, The most friends referred after 30 days will receive $500 Gloebits. Now The friend(s) must show active and join with a active email (our system checks for fake emails) Its FREE to play! No need to spend money unless you want to upgrade your playing status. We give you $500 inworld currency when you join,  Inworld currency is only valuable inworld and no other place. We will add an additional $100os upon your referral joins. Can't beat FREE money!

Use our contact page and set referral YES and send us their username they sign up with.

**Referral starts NOW! 2-2-20** ends 3-2-20

Comments from members 

[2019/12/27 08:38] Jackie Carver: i do want to thank you for letting me on this grid, im having a great time learning how to build and setting up my land
[2019/12/27 08:35] Jackie Carver: the one thing i really like about being here is there are landmarks i can get to, that i couldnt get to
[2019/12/23 19:30] Bill Norton: things here look good
[2020/1/14 [15:44] ladyrose erin: wow there no lag loads fast love it


Please NOTE: Singularity is our preferred viewer 

Download it HERE

Firestorm Viewer is another option to use

Download it HERE 

 For graphics loading and speed for your firestorm experience please click here SPEED/GRAPHICS TEST

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